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just watched donnie darko (was frustrated because i have had the movie in my possesion for the last three days and was unable to find the time to watch it...whoever got to slack off their last four weeks of high school, i'd like to see) and i have to tell you...i'm going to become one of those scary people who watches the movie countless times and goes to college get togethers and on the internet to discuss and argue with people about meanings and facts and all that jazz. and i gotta tell you...

i like it.

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you dont now me. i dont know you, but something important has happened and i want to tell as many poeple as possible who actually care about the world they are living in.
it is now irrelevant whether or not the story of john titor holds any water. cern, the particle accelerator in switzerland has sucessfully created a mini black hole(microsingularity). the data from the atlas detector is posted on ""
happy hunting, the seraphimbull