Lil Miss Bloodbath (lmbloodbath) wrote in its_a_mad_world,
Lil Miss Bloodbath

Hey there

Just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm a huge Donnie Darko fan who first saw the movie after being encouraged by friends who said "It's got 80s music and Graham Greene references!"
Kudos to them, I loved it.
I love reading and my movie tasts extend into anything that catches my interest, the only prerequisite is a bit of "quirk."
So, yeah, hey!
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Yeah i was gonna introduce myself. But i couldnt!! No section for me to write in.. Maybe takes a while.

anyhoo. my name is Dimitrios, from Sydney Australia. HUGE DD fan. Love it to death. Not as much as the Matrix Tril. But its up there. Thats about it really.

Cellardoor (Tis really a great word..well know what i mean. :P

Donnie Darko is the best movie ever existed.
yes it is. it most definitely is. and it is a mad world

i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad, these dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had.
doesnt the song sort of tells you what the movie is? like, that maybe the whole thing was .. well... a dream?
yeah the first time i saw donnie darko was with a friend,it was on hbo. after watching it once i couldnt help but to obsess about what the plot truely was. anyways the 80s music was truly a good addition and i dont think it would be at all good as it was with out graham greene's influences. the writer should be commended for the work of art.
ohh yea your icon is really hot.