the not-so-Bedreaded Deadhead anymore (pablotheguitar) wrote in its_a_mad_world,
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sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion...

i typed "anarchy" in the search box and look where it got me...whoa. hey all, i love donnie darko, like many of you... i've seen it a million times...maybe not that many, but a lot, and it rocks. i can't even remember what made me watch it, "a prophetic rabbit tells a teen the world will end..." does that sound very intriguing? i think my favorite part is when he's telling all the kids that they don't need to listen to Patrick Swayze and then calls him the antichrist. that movie is so freaky, i want to go watch it now... maybe i'll go buy it one of these days. well, happy monday to everyone...adios...
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